Natasa Govedarou


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1976 she discovered painting as her way of expressing and relaxing from when she was a small child following the same passion of her mother and grandmother.
Her studies in the Russian Academy of Art in Florence Italy in 2010-14 (Grade A) gave her the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of the Old Masters. She is a member of SKETBE, of SKETKE and of the Society of Artists in Kozani Greece as well as member and Honorary Director in Greece for Narrative Movements based in India. With her works she creates her own sense of personal freedom and space. Despite the constraints of the canvas, which allows her only two dimensions to work with, she is still able to create horizons that open up spaces, full of enchantment. She loses herself in the adventure of painting among the ideas and pathways that her imagination summons up for her. She likes to give a mystic atmosphere to her landscapes inspired mainly by the greek light and colors. Her portraits give the deep character of men and women with a love for details and expressive lines.
From September 2014 she is the owner and director of the GOVEDAROU ART GALLERY in Thessaloniki, Greece. Main purpose of the gallery is the promotion not only of her works but of other artists as well. The gallery holds personal and group exhibitions and is equipped with all the latest means necessary for the promotion of all kinds of art.      

8-23 May 2010    Cultural Center of Grevena held by the Town Hall of Grevena, Greece (Theme: Among Women, on Mother’s Day)

18-25 April 2013    The Greek Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden organized and sponsored her own personal exhibition in the Greek Cultural Center of Sweden, “St. John the Theologist”

10-31 Dec.2007    Society of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece

12-19 April 2008     Society of Artists of Kozani in Northern Greece at the Folklore Museum of Kozani, Greece (Theme: Spring)

14-21 May 2008     Black Sea Club of Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: Hellenism in the Black Sea)

2008    1st Exhibition of Visual Arts in Kozani held by the Chamber of Commerce in Kozani, Greece

10-30 Nov.2008    Society of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece

Jan.2009    Exhibition Hall of Piraeus Bank, Thessaloniki, Greece

May 2009    Society of Artists of Kozani in Northern Greece

14 Dec.-15 Jan.2010    Society of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: Visual Arts Reports)

1-18 Mar.2010    Society of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: Woman and Creation)

10-17 Dec.2010    Italian Cultural Center of Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: “Tre Generazioni”100 anni di pittura Greca, “Three Generations”100 years of Greek painting)

11-18 May 2011    Exhibition Hall of the Town Hall of Kozani, Greece (Theme: Visual Arts Spring)

12 Dec.2011    Cultural Center of Volos, N.Ionia, Greece (Theme: Painting and Poetry)

24 Feb.-2 Mar.2012    65 painters together with 104 poets of Thessaloniki at the Vafopoulio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: Painting with pictures of poetry)

5-14 Mar.2012    Exhibition Hall of Piraeus Bank, Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: For the celebration of the 100 years liberation of Thessaloniki “Thessaloniki yesterday and today….”)

2-22 May 2012    International Exhibition of Miniature at the Colours Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

15-26 July 2012    International Exhibition of Miniature in Chios, Greece

Aug. 2012    International Exhibition of Miniature at the Municipal of Sigean, France

7-8 Aug. 2012    International Exhibition of Miniature in Skopelos, Greece

29 Sep.2012    Exhibition in Volos, Greece (Theme: Poetry through painting and photography)

3-10 Nov.2012    International Exhibition at the gallery ColorissimARTE-Baccina 66, Rome, Italy

Dec.2012    International Exhibition of Miniature at the WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY in Boston, U.S.A

5-17 Dec.2012    Art Shop for Christmas at the gallery DOMUS  TALENTI(Via Quattro Fontane, 113) in Rome, Italy

17-27 Feb.2013    Epirus Club in Thessaloniki, Greece (Theme: 100 years of the liberation of Epirus)

6-15 Nov.2013    Vafopoulio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, Greece

29 Nov.-8 Dec.2013    BIENNALE DI FIRENZE, Florence, Italy

23 Dec.2013-
7 Jan.2014    ‘Premier’ Artistic Café, Thessaloniki, Greece    

30 Apr.-12 May 2014    Exhibition Hall of Piraeus Bank, Thessaloniki, Greece

June 2014    International Convention of Christianity, Switzerland

July-Sep. 2014     Museo Sandro Massimini, Fiuggi, Italy

December 2015    Narrative Movements (membership), New Delhi, India. More than 15 group exhibitions until 2018