Nazik Aslanyan



1989-1991 Graduated from National Esthetic Center

1994-1999   Graduated from State Fine Art Institute of Yerevan


Work experience:

1998-2002 Lecturer of Art History at "Quantum" college

2001-2003 Exhibitions curator at "Moscow cinema" gallery/Yerevan/

Art Exhibitions:

1993- Group exhibition at Armenian diaspora hall, London

1997- Group exhibition at Indian association hall, London

1998- Group exhibition at AOKS hall, Yerevan

2000- Solo exhibition at Ministry of Culture exhibition hall, Yerevan

2001- Solo exhibition at Armenian diaspora hall, Washington

2001- Solo exhibition at Armenian Cultural Center, Boston

2002- Group exhibition at Journalist’s House, Yerevan

2003- Group exhibition at Moscow Cinema gallery , Yerevan

2009- Group exhibition at Artists Union Hall ,Yerevan

2009- Solo exhibition at “Academia” gallery, Yerevan

2010- Group exhibitions at Armenian Diaspora halls, Canada

2010-Group exhibition at “Lessedra” gallery, Sofia

2012-Group exhibition at Artists Union Hall, Yerevan

2013- Group exhibition at "Agora Gallery", New York

2012-2013 One year presentation by "Agora Gallery" New York

2014- Group exhibition at Yerevan municipality hall

2015- Group exhibition at "Haykazyan Uziversity" hall, Beyrut

2015- Group exhibition at "Komitas" museum hall, Yerevan

2015- Solo exhibition at "Academia" gallery, Yerevan

2016-Solo exhibition at Yerevan Modern Art Museum

2017-Exhibition at SIAC-Marseille, France

Since 2007 Member of Artists Universal

Since 2008 Member of Artists Union of Armenia


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