Zoi Gerouki


She is born in Thessaloniki in 1951. The artistic surrounding in which she grew up thanks to her mother, an experienced painter, was yet another motive for her need to contribute a piece of herself in art. She was a founding member of the Association of Artists of Visual Arts in Kozani in 1965-66, taking part in all the events and exhibitions of its members. She had her superior studies at the Swiss Institute of Weder, in the Department of architecture for interiors and exteriors designers. She studied journalism in the E.K.E.S College and worked in the media for 19 years with many interesting missions in the European Union which were although not capable to drive her away from her great love, painting. She is also a member of the Association of professional Painters of Northern Greece and she continues her artistic activity promoting her romantic and realistic perspectives in painting. Her works are in many public buildings of Thessaloniki and in private collections.


May 2008 retrospective exhibition in Thessaloniki Fleming Theatre

Μay 2010   Grevena Cultural Centre with the curtesy of the municipality of Grevena


Dec. 1965    founding Member of the Club of Fine Arts Kozani

Nov. 1979   exhibition at the UPDATE Gallery in Thessaloniki

Sept. 1985 exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki

Dec. 2007  exhibition at the Association of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki

April 2008   Folklore Museum of Kozani (Theme: spring)

May 2008   Pontiac Club of Thessaloniki (Theme: the Greeks in the Black Sea)

2008             Exhibition Center at the Chamber of Kozani.

Nov. 2008    exhibition at the Association of Artists of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki

Jan. 2009      Art Gallery of Piraeus Bank Thessaloniki

May 2009     Kozani Municipality Art Gallery

Jan. 2010      exhibition at the Association of Artists of Northern Greece Thessaloniki

March 2010    exhibition at the Association of Artists of Northern Greece Thessaloniki

Dec. 2010     Italian Cultural Institute of Thessaloniki (Theme: Three Generations of Artists ' 100 years of Greek painting’)

May 2011    Municipality of Kozani Art Gallery (Theme: Spring)

Dec. 2011    Cultural Center in N. Ionia-Volos (Theme: Painting & Poetry)

March 2012  Vafopoulio Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki (Theme: painting with Images of poetry) - 65 painters and 104 Poets

March 2012  Piraeus Bank Art Gallery (Theme: Thessaloniki yesterday & today)

May 2012    World Miniature Exhibition at the Gallery of Colors in Thessaloniki

July 2012      Chios – world exhibition of miniatures

Aug. 2012     Skopelos - world exhibition of miniatures

Aug. 2012    city of Siegen, France-International Exhibition of Miniatures

Sep. 2012     Volos - 100 thousand poets for change - global motion (Theme: Poetry through photography and painting)

Dec. 2012      International Exhibition of Miniatures at Worcester State University in Boston, United States of America

Feb. 2013      Epirotiki Estia Club of Thessaloniki (Theme: 100 years of liberation of Epirus)

Nov. 2013     Vafopoulio Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki

Jan. 2014       Premier art Cafe in Thessaloniki

May 2014       Piraeus Bank Art Gallery

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