Osamu Giovanni Tanimoto

 Osamu Giovanni Tanimoto was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. His first painting won a prize in the local show in Tokyo at the age of 9. After he worked as a set designer in theater, he moved to Florence Italy in 2008 to focus on painting.  He studied from the Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculptures in Florence like MIchelangelo studied from the ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. His enthusiasm in the old masters' artworks even brought him to Madrid, Spain. He has been an authenticated copyist of the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain since 2012. Osamu graduated from the Russian Academy of Art in Florence in 2014, where he had his academic training in portraits, figures and Plein-air in the Russian Academic tradition which comes down from the 19th century without any break during the 20th century. He studied drawing and composition under Sergei Chubirko, painting under Svetlana Terekhina, and anatomy under Alexei Bakhtin. Osamu has taught drawing in the Sacred Art School in Florence since 2013. Osamu believes the abundance of the beauty and the nobility in what we see; they only have to be revealed by the eyes, the mind and the hands of an artist. He has worked on the commissions in Italy and in Japan. His works are in the private collections in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Japan.  

Current place of residency:

Florence, Italy


¨      -Bachelor Degree in Art Restoration, Lorenzo de’ Medici – Marist College. Florence, Italy. 2010.

¨      Diploma in Fine Arts Majoring in Painting and Drawing, Russian Academy of Art. Florence, Italy. 2014.

¨      Imperial Academy of Art. St. Petersburg, Russia. July, 2012.

Teaching Experience:

¨      Sacred Art School, Teaching of Drawing. Florence, Italy. 2014.

¨      Sacred Art School. Copying of the master works in painting. Florence, Italy. October- December, 2013.

¨      Sacred Art School. Summer course, 1-week painting workshop. Florence, Italy, July, 2013.

¨      ‘Prato Boys’ annual drawing course for children ages 8-12. Prato, Italy. 2012, 2014, 2015.

¨      ‘Piccolo Michelangelo’ annual drawing course for children ages 8-12 at the Academia dei Ponti, Florence. Italy. 2011-2012.

¨      ‘Silver Point drawing 2-day workshop’. Restorante Baron, Florence, Italy. 2009.

Selected Honors:

¨      9 entries to the collection of the Russian Academy of Art. 2012-2014.

List of Exhibitions:

¨   “City–Wide Art VII” St. James Church, Florence, Italy. 2008.

¨   “City–Wide Art VIII” St. James Church, Florence, Italy. 2009.

¨     Santa Reparata International Art School, Florence, Italy. 2009.

¨     Student exhibition of the Russian Academy of Art in Florence. Italy, 2012.

¨     Student exhibition of the Russian Academy of Art in Florence. Italy, 2014.

¨      University of Fribourgi, Switzerland, June. 2014.

¨      “Pictura Ut Pictura”. Officina della Memoria e dell' Immagine, Fiuggi, Italy. 26, July – 14, September, 2014.

¨      “Russian Portraits” presented by La ProLoco di Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, at Il Palazzo Consiliare , Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. Italia. Dec-Jan, 2014, 2015.

¨      “Tribute to Shakespeare”. The British Institute of Florence, Italy. April, 2015.

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