3rd ArtExpo:"Opportunity4all"
11th of December 2019 until 11th of January 2020
Govedarou Art Gallery in collaboration with the Organization «The Smile of the Child» organizes a group exhibition at the gallery giving the opportunity to new mainly artists to exhibit their work in the art world. A percentage of 20% from the sales of the artworks from 33 participating artists from 11/12/2019 to 11/01/2020 will be given for the benefit of the Organization.
Opening: Wednesday 11 of December 2019 at 19.30

Govedarou Art Gallery organizes the solo exhibition of the artist Maria Zisi entitled "Aspects of Woman and Water". Art historian Maria Kyrgiafini writes about the works of Maria Zisi: Pastel-colored oils and escape from the two-dimensional form of the painting become the means by which the artist Maria Zisi bridges art with the experiences of the modern woman. It is essentially a technical escape that functions as a transition from painting to canvas to miniature sculpture.

The female existence in transition, the life of a woman of all ages in the daily life, the motherhood and the inner, timeless reality are the artistic references of the artist in the collection of Aspects of woman and water works. Fragments of a reality, women flowing through time, past, and now. Flowing women like water, which is a field of concern for women as an archetype of every regeneration and transformation. Water has been there since the beginning of human life, giving birth and regeneration, giving life and releasing it. In Bathtubs the water becomes a mirror-passage, a showdown only by itself.

In that private bathroom, the goal is to isolate the emotion, with the water sometimes covering and sometimes interpreting the small sculptures of lasting companionship.

Opening: Wednesday, November the13th, 19:30

Duration: 13 to 30 of November 2019

Sponsor: STOSA Kitchens

Free admission to the public.



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