Art to buy

Which art to buy?

If you are a first-time art buyer, it can be difficult to know exactly what art to buy. Here are some things to consider when deciding.

Hanging art in the right space

First of all, you need to think about the space you want to hang your art in. The right artwork in the right space will add a plus factor to any room. Measure the space you're going to hang the artwork in and ensure you leave plenty of white space (blank wall space) around the artwork. Art needs to have room to breathe on a wall. Too small a space and it will look cramped. But, too large a space and it will look swamped, and insignificant.

Buy the right art for your room

Next consider the style of your room. Surprisingly, a traditionally decorated room doesn't always need a traditional artwork. Imaginative combinations can be achieved providing the art is sympathetic to the room.

Consider light levels. Will the art you buy be hanging in a dark space, or brightly lit area? Sunlight makes a difference too. A dark sombre artwork won't be shown off effectively by bright sunlight, whereas a bright floral will look a little sad stuck in a dark corner or on a gloomy landing.

Buy the right art for your budget

Finally consider your budget. At Govedarou Art Gallery delivery is included in the stated price on each artwork to buy. So there's no need to worry about that. Feel free to email us for any questions.

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