Signature Member (1997), Life Member (2003), Emeritus Member (2012) of Institut des Arts Figuratifs

Signature Member of North East Watercolor Society, USA (2001)

Signature Member, Society of Canadian Artists (2010)

Honorary Member of Société Canadienne de l’Aquarelle (1999)


Bachelor, Teaching Visual Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal, 1975

College diploma in Visual Arts, (DEC), CEGEP, Trois Rivières, 1972

Watercolour workshops : Margriet V.-Rouault, Josée Perreault, André Lafontaine, and Masterclass with Ghislain Lefebvre.


Born in 1952, Trois-Rivières, (Québec), Canada, worldwide awarded international artist Lorraine P. Dietrich lives now in Shawinigan city. She draws and paints with transparent watercolours since 1988. Her magazine articles promote this versatile medium and she contributes to exhibitions’ organization. The public appreciates the serenity of her watercolour paintings, whose dynamic, yet romantic floral compositions combined with glowing and excellent lightfastness colours are painted on high-quality paper. For several years, flowers have been her main inspiration because of their diversity, sensuousness and symbolism, which she relates to the blossoming life around her. She focuses on the individuality, essence and spirituality of flowers. She likes to draw and paint from life and her elegant florals in front of abstract backgrounds convey bold and mysterious feelings. Her personal style embodies new trends in contemporary representational arts. She also paints still life subjects and miniatures. She has been curator in several exhibitions and part of jurys in national and international art exhibitions.

Her works have been shown in numerous art exhibitions in many countries: Canada, USA, France. Greece, Switzerland, India, Puerto-Rico. They won many awards (including worldwide awards) in Canada and abroad by eminent jurys. They are part of permanent collections in several museums in the province of Québec and private and corporate collections in America, Europe, and Asia. Reputable art galleries exhibit her paintings on a permanent basis. Daniel Harrisson, horticulturist at Hémérocalles de l’Isle, Bécancour, produced a new hybrid-cultivar, “Hémérocalle Lorraine Dietrich“, as a tribute to the artist; and the homologation was made by the American Hemerocallis Society in 2007.


Canadian Grand Prize, Still Life / Florals Competition, Canadian Brushstrokes Magazine, jan 2012. 1,000$ Award

 American Art Awards Worldwide Competition 2017, 4th and 6th Prizes in Floral Realism, Jury : 25 high profile art galleries and museums directors in the U.S.A. 56 countries / 3,000 paintings

 American Art Awards Worldwide Competition 2016, 6th Prize in Floral Realism, Jury : 25 high profile art galleries and museums directors in the U.S.A. 40 countries/ 3,000 paintings

 American Art Awards International Competition 2012 , First Prize in Floral Realism with the painting «Hymne à l’amour /To Love»; 3th Prize ex-aequo Floral Realism with the paintings « L’âme à la tendresse/ Tenderness» and « Ode au printemps/ A Poem for Spring»; 4th Prize Floral Realism with the painting « Pour une escapade/Springtime Melody». Jury : 25 high profile art galleries directors in the U.S.A.

American Art Awards International Competition 2010, First Prize in Watercolour and 4th Prize in Floral Realism with the painting «Comme un Ave Maria »; Watercolour Finalist and 5th Prize ex-aequo, Floral Realism with the painting «Rouge Rubis »; 5th Prize ex-aequo, Floral Realism with the painting «Révélation ». Jury : 25 high profile art galleries directors in the U.S.A.

Selected for publication in Masters of the World section, Canada Showcase, International Artist Magazine, Aug 04.

First Prize in Watercolour (international), EEAG International Juried Exhibition, Humacao, Porto-Rico, 2005

First Prize in Watercolour (Winsor & Newton), Salon de la Figuration 2000, Musée Laurier, exhibition in collaboration with IAF, (72 professional artists from 4 countries).

Finalist and Winner, International juried contest, for the book The Best of Flower Painting 1 , North Light Ed., Cincinnati, USA/ Cassell, London, -120 winners / 2,864 submissions.Selected SCA 46th National Juried Exhibition, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Finalist, North East Watercolour Society (NEWS) International Juried exhibition, Kent Art Gallery, New York area, USA (1999-2000-2001-2005-2007-2009-2012)

Finalist, Manchester National Juried Fine Art Exhibition, 1212 Gallery, Richmond Virginia, USA, Feb-March 2007. Juror, Mr Jefferson C. Harrison, Ph.D., Chief Curator, Curator of European Art. and Acting Curator of American and Contemporary Art for the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. A selection of 50 works out of 908 submissions from 22 states and abroad has been made and L. Dietrich was the only Canadian artist selected.

Curry’s National Artwise Award, Toronto, for an article written in English on long-term conservation framing for watercolour and works on paper, 2007

Elected «Coup de Coeur» artist, Galerie ArtAzo, 2005 (a public votation)

Arts Excellence “AmbassadeurAward, Culture Mauricie Council, 2005 (awarded to an artist who was selected in national and international art exhibitions), with Tourisme-Mauricie collaboration.

"Commended Award ", Cyrillion Centre,Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002

Finaliste at "Rêves d’automne National competition", Baie Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, 2006

Selected for EEAG international exhibition, New Millenium Celebrations, Westin Resort, Puerto-Rico, 2000


Magazin'Art : Biennial Guide to Canadian Artists in Galleries, Art & Script Marketing Ltd Ed., since 1996, now on Internet


Guide de Roussan, Peintres du Québec, cotes en galerie, Roussan Éditeur, Montréal, (QC), 1995-2001, 2009-2012 (art prices in galleries)

The Best of Flower Painting I, K. Kipp, Ed., North Light Books, Cincinnati, U.S.A. and Cassell, London, England, 1997, 144 pages.

Articles (list on request): Magazin'Art, International Artist Magazine, Vie des Arts, l'Aquarelliste SCA, Eptaritmi (Greece), Highlight Hollywood (Beverly Hills, California, USA), La Presse, Le Devoir, L'Express, La Tribune, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien, Watercolour News (CSPWC, Toronto), Watercolour Gazette (Manitoba), NEWS bulletin (USA), The Star (Puerto-Rico), Arkansas Gazette, etc.- also Exhibition Catalogues


In her artistic approach, Odette FELLER wants to keep a freedom of movement, colors and shapes.

The chosen subject will be determined by chance and the result obtained by the spots of color, more or less diluted according to the humidity of the paper that she decides at the first brush stroke following her "instinct of the moment".

The second step is to look and see, this is what invites Odette FELLER to the reflection and especially to the main phase, the creativity, of this miracle of the fusion of colors, she must honor, these forms often indefinable, she tries to bring out the subject little by little. As if by a miracle of something "without a future" a real world appears as if to better secure the spectator of whom she claims to be always the first. For her, it is one of the privileges of the artist.

Watercolor being the most undisciplined medium, it gives Odette FELLER the freedom to accentuate its defects and its qualities by playing without restraint in the water and the free spaces that it offers to it, without overloading and leaving the beautiful effects often unexpected mixtures, the surprise and invites them to respect them leaving them a place in his paintings

Odette Feller says to be surprised often to have fun of the different effects caused by interfering in the drying times. Maybe that gives him the illusion of dominating, for a moment only, this magic of the marriage of water and pigment.

"In each work I try to reflect a general atmosphere, given by the choice of colors and a lightness due to free spaces. "



The international artist Roland Palmaerts was born in Brussels on October 4, 1953

After studying at ST Luc and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels

RP will be 8 years instructor Para Commando in the Armed Forces

Guest of honor at prestigious events, he is a demonstrator speaker

and for 30 years, he contributes as "Canadian Ambassador"

artistic development on both sides of the Atlantic.

RP is nicknamed by his peers the "Wizard of the brush" and signs articles

for international journals. He is the author of the best selling didactic "The world of color" published by Ulisseeditions in Paris.

In October 2013 he is registered in the Guinness Record for having realized in 60 hours is in 3 days and two nights of non-stop painting, 60 tables of one meter is 60 meters of paintings painted with watercolor for his 60 years.

Roland Palmaerts participated in more than 250 exhibitions and animated

over 120 television shows and produced 10 instructional DVDs.

Museums, corporations, public and private collectors regularly

acquisitions including the famous Quing Dao Museum in China.




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