Govedarou Art Gallery presents in its premises at Georgiou Papandreou 5 (formerly Antheon), the art exhibition entitled: "MINI SOLOS", curated by the artist and owner of the gallery Natasa Govedarou.The opening of the exhibition will take place on March 2, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will last until March 24.

The theme of this exhibition is free and only 15 visual artists will participate with their works.These are essentially small individual exhibitions where visual artists will be able to show their technique with one or more themes in a beautiful presentation in a space of 2 meters wide that they will have at their disposal.

Participating artists:

Reiner Langer, Dieter Vorkoetter, Androulaki Pelagia, Giakamozi Silia, Yarenzidis Vasilios, Gogalis Konstantinos, Zacharoudis Stelios, Kalfopoulou Olga, Luxon Annita, Michaelidou Nina, Papa Stella, Peponidis Tasos, Taxos Panagiotis, Trouli Georgia, Hatzichristou Olga

Duration: 2 – 24 March 2023

Opening: Thursday, March 2, 2023, time 18:00 – 21:00

At Govedarou Art Gallery G.Papandreou 5 (formerly Antheon), Georgiou stop

Curator of the exhibition: Natasa Govedarou

2 - 22 February 2023

Natasa Govedarou, visual artist, curator and owner of Govedarou Art Gallery, organizes the group exhibition in the gallery space.The theme of this group exhibition is "Air, Fire, Water, Earth".The following text may facilitate the visual artist in the inspiration of the theme chosen for this exhibition.It is important to emphasize that this philosophy of the 4 elements of nature is found in all cultures deep in human history and is not limited only to the ancient Greeks.

The teaching and symbolism of the four elements is something that until recently caused laughter and ironic comments from researchers.Most people could not perceive the value of a symbology foreign to the logic of the 19th and 20th centuries, as rationalism had watered their minds.Allegories and symbolism for the 4 elements are found in numerous cultures throughout the earth.

According to the ontological theory of the four elements the whole world is fundamentally structured by four basic elements.From these, their interactions and mixtures are built all the material and immaterial, visible and invisible objects of the Universe.The four elements have the following names:

• the air

• the fire

• the water

• the earth

The terms refer to the corresponding physical concepts of fire, gases, water and earth, due to similar properties, but in reality these are supposed ontologically fundamental components of nature and not the familiar concepts of everyday life.

Govedarou Art Gallery in co-organization with the Friends of Astronomy Group (OFA) presents in its space at Georgiou Papandreou 5 (formerly Antheon), the group art exhibition entitled: "Man's Last Frontier The Breath of God...UNIVERSE", curated by artist and gallery owner Natasa Govedarou.The opening of the exhibition will take place on January 10, 2023.

Friends of Astronomy Group was founded in November 1997 with the aim of bringing together all those who look up admiring the greatness of the universe that surrounds us, to help spread the science of astronomy and space in our country.Ambition of for everyone to expand their knowledge both generally and selectively in the areas that interest everyone.Today, 25 years after its establishment, it has 600 members.The Group includes people from all professions such as university professors, teachers, teachers, students, lawyers, bankers, workers, freelancers, while its members collaborate with NASA and ESA, and it has great distinctions in finding supernova stars, comets,study of solar eclipses, while astronomical photographs of its members have been awarded in the most important scientific journals internationally

Greeting speach from the President of the Friends of Astronomy Group (OFA), Mr. Theodore Mattas:

"The creation of an artistic work and science are phenomena of a long evolutionary process, which is directly linked to the biological, intellectual and social maturation of the human species.Science and the arts coexist and interact with each other, and are very often co-producers and co-formators of common creations!The Friends of Astronomy Group, an association founded 25 years ago with the aim of spreading the science of Astronomy is pleased to announce the co-organization together with the Govedarou ART Gallery of a group exhibition on the theme of the beauties of the Universe.We thank the curator of the exhibition Ms. Natasa Govedarou for the collaboration and we expect a result that will combine science and the arts in the most harmonious way.

Participant artists:

Nana Winter-Georgiadou, Azaria Daisy, Androulaki Pelagia, Aspridis Markos, Vizovitou Sini, Geraki Victoria, Gerouki Zoi, Giarentzidis Vasilis, Govedarou Natasa, Dimoudi Magda, Zacharoudis Stelios, Ioannidis Kallias, Karteris Efthimis, Kokkinos George, Mavroleon-Polizoidis Katerina, Michailidou Nina, Beggli Eugenia, Padis Antonis, Papalexiou Maria, Peponidis Tasos, Sarisavva Katerina, Taxos Panagiotis, Trouli Georgia, Chalkia Maria, Chatzimanoli Vasiliki

Duration: 10 - 27 January 2023

Opening: Tuesday 10 January 2023, 18:00 – 21:00

At Govedarou Art Gallery G.Papandreou 5 (formerly Antheon), Georgiou bus stop

Curator of the exhibition: Natasa Govedarou

Co-organizer: Friends of Astronomy Group (OFA)

Govedarou Art Gallery presents the group art exhibition entitled: "THE DYNAMICS OF COLORS" curated by EKPA Art Historian, MA Journalist and member of AICA Greece, Nikolena Kalaitzakis.


The Art Historian and Curator of the exhibition, Nikolena Kalaitzakis, among others, notes:

"The exhibition, as its title betrays, seeks to highlight the Dynamics of Colors, through freely themed works, the connecting link of which is the exploitation, on the part of visual, vivid, intense colors. "Color", a structural element of Art, has accompanied the greatest movements since its beginnings. Ernest Schachtel's opinion is interesting, according to which: "the experience of color is similar to that of emotion or emotion. In both cases we tend to be passive receivers of stimuli. An emotion is not the product of the actively organizing mind. It just presupposes a kind of openness that, for example, a depressed person might not have. Emotion excites us in the same way that color excites us. The scheme, in contrast, seems to require a more active response. We detect the object, establish its structural framework, relate the parts to the whole. Similarly, the mind dominates impulses, applies principles, coordinates a variety of experiences, and decides upon a course of action."

Participating artists:

Pelagia Androulaki / Eleni Arvanitaki / Christianna Asprouli / Kostis Atsalis / Evangelia Vekiaropoulou / Eleni Vogiatzaki / Alexandros Voutsas / Stella Yagoulis / Aikaterini Gounari / Dimitra Gounari / Magda Dimoudi / Phaedra Englesou / Thanasis Zisis / Maria Zygomala / George Iliadis / George Kokkinos / Giorgos Kokkinos / / Dimitra Kotsonas / Konstantinos Kounalis / Dimitra Koufopoulou / Vasiliki Kostopoulou / Irini Monommatou / Olga Moutsianou / Kristi Boutsai / Louiana Papadopoulou / Gina Papadopoulou / Maria Papalexiou / Christiana Papamali / Stefania Papatrezi / Maria Pediaditi / Dimitris Petropoulos / Vaso Pouridou / Eleftheria Protini Sarisavva / Vivetta Sarri / Irida Spinulas / Pavlos Spourelas / Alexandra Stefanidou / Anthi Symeonidou / Antigoni Tziora / Nikos Tsiotas / Maria Chalkia / Maria Harkoutsi


Opening: Friday, December 2 (6 - 9 p.m.)

Exhibition duration: December 2-16, 2022


Art-Thessaloniki International Fair - is an international cultural family that is constantly growing, full of energy and excitement. We ensure this with the support of the participants, each one individually, and with the important organization of the artistic director and his team, who are always close to you.
Art-Thessaloniki is located right in the center of the city. With the TEF-HELEXPO facilities next to the beach of Thessaloniki and the White Tower.
Govedarou Art Gallery participates again this year with its 6 artists:

Nana Winter-Georgiadou, Stelios Zacharoudis, Nina Michailidou, Eirini Monommatou, Maria Chalkia and Olga Hatzichristou
You will find us at Pavillion 10 Booth 8

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