Interview of Achim Dittrich at Polis Magazino

What is photography for you? a form of personal expression? A need for creation, communication, or something else?

AD: Photography is indeed a form of personal expression, a true passion. It gets me out into nature, into landscapes where I feel completely by myself and where I have the chance to experience magic moments or special encounters with animals in their habitat.

How would you characterize yourself as a photographer?

AD: I believe I am a patient and persistent photographer. If I spot a scenery or a particular animal I may come back and try to get an even better photo in case I’m not satisfied with my first results. Also I like to explore landscapes and habitats in depth, sometimes for years to get a comprehensive collections of photos that express the richness of that particular area.

What is the source of your inspiration?

The beauty of nature – in all aspects, to experience magic moments and my respect for wild animals in their habitats

With which personality of Art world would you like to come into a dialogue and on what subject?

I’d like to come into a dialogue with Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting on their projects and with Sebastiao Salgado on black and white photography

Would you consider to express yourself with any other form of art besides photography?

If I had a talent for it, I would like to draw – just with pencils on paper

If you chose a different era to live and create what would it be and how do you think you would express yourself artistically?

Although the life of an artist at the beginning of the 20th century was certainly tough, I would have liked to be a painter before the 1st World War (without being affected by it of course)

What is the relation of the creator to his work?

The work is the way a creator expresses him – or herself. I like to express my fascination of the beauty and the variety of nature

What are your future plans?

Explore the natural treasures of Greece – especially in the north of the country further across the different seasons and further on to explore the wider Balkan and it’s wild nature.

I’d like to show these treasures in further exhibitions and publications like articles and books with the particular emphasis on showing the beauty of nature to children.

I’m convinced that we will only protect what we have learned to love.


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