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1)You are the owner of Govedarou Art Gallery. What is your relationship with art and when did you establish the Gallery?

GovedarouArtGallery was founded in Thessaloniki in 2014 during difficult times for art after the financial crisis that passed and is passing, I could say our country. Art for me does not only have the commercial part due to the nature of my work. Having graduated with honors in painting and drawing from the Russian Academy in Florence, Italy, which connected me to art and from the artist's point of view, I managed in a very short time to highlight the gallery in the area both in Greece and in abroad, making it competitive by offering the public only quality exhibitions.

2)How does the Gallery work? Apart from the exhibitions, is there any other artistic activity that the public should be aware of?

The international profile of the gallery has placed it dynamically in the field of art. The exchange of ideas, styles and trends through the presentation of visual arts from various countries of the world established the gallery as a great factor of cultural exchange in the city of Thessaloniki. In our space, there are often individual exhibitions, presentations of the artist's technique on display, but also organized workshops where the participants can learn the specific technique that the artist uses and makes his work special.

The selection of visual artists, Greek and foreign, is always based on their quality and creativity, demonstrating the amazing variety and diversity of various materials, styles and expressions of art. Some of them have won various awards, are sought-after art workshop instructors, or respected for their ability to handle the materials they use with articles published in popular art books and magazines.

The artistic curators with whom we collaborate both from Greece and abroad are yet another part of the organization of our group and individual exhibitions.

Also, other events such as presentations by poets and writers, charity exhibitions, speeches related to art and others are often held in the space. The new trends as well as the old inspirations of every form of art find a display roof at the Govedarou Art Gallery

3) Do you enable young artists to come to Govedarou Art Gallery and exhibit their works?

Young artists are welcome in the gallery for their participation mainly in group exhibitions, as long as they have not finished a School of Fine Arts, having as their "ticket" to our space their quality work. It is also important for an artist to have "built" a good artistic resume with as many participations in individual and group exhibitions as possible and continuous training in the subject.

In our individual exhibitions, visual arts graduates of S.K.T. are shown preferably, but also, exceptionally, visual talents at our discretion. My personal experience and education come to help in this ability to judge the choice. Otherwise, a work can be understood by a gallery owner having studied painting, or by someone who has only a purely "commercial" eye.

4) From October 13 you are hosting an exhibition on climate change and nature. How were you inspired by the concept and what does the exhibition include?

Govedarou Art Gallery in co-organization with the Mariolopoulio-Kanaginio Foundation of Environmental Sciences presents in its space the group art exhibition entitled: "Climate Change: Man and Natural Disasters", curated by me as an artist and owner of the gallery.

Sensitized by the consequences of climate change, both on humans and on nature, I invited visual artists to highlight the seriousness of the problem through art as nature and art are inextricably linked. As I always emphasize: "The artist cannot live without nature as his primary goal is to highlight it through his own weapons which are none other than the brush, the canvas and the colors. In his own way he fights to keep her alive so that he can continue to be inspired by her beauties. I believe that through the artist, nature acquires speech, expresses emotion and invites us to respond to its calls."

The opening of the exhibition takes place on October 13, 2022, which is also the International Day for the Reduction of Natural Disasters, and its importance is also very timely due to the COP 27 conference on climate change.

5) Give us an insight into the future exhibitions you are preparing. What to expect in winter?

Immediately after the exhibition on climate change, we are preparing for the participation of Govedarou Art Gallery in the 6th Art Thessaloniki International Art Fair that will take place November 3-6, 2022 at TIF Thessaloniki. You will find us at booth 10 booth 8.

6 visual artists are participating with us this year:

Nana Winter-Georgiadou, Stelios Zacharoudis, Nina Michailidou, Irini Monommatou, Maria Chalkia and Olga Hatzichristou.

In our program, of course, there are many group and individual exhibitions which the public can be informed about through you and also from our page at facebook και στο site μας

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