Interview of Natasa Govedarou at

- You chose "Climate Change: Man and Natural Disasters" as the main theme of your exhibition. Why now? What has changed in the years 2022?

I have always been sensitive to the issue of the environment and the effects of our intervention in it. The effect of the phenomenon on our daily lives is now very evident and unfortunately I believe that things will get worse in the future. Govedarou Art Gallery will launch a series of group exhibitions with the central theme of the environment and issues related to it putting its little stone in the effort to awaken the world through art.


- It is impossible for man to dominate the forces of nature. What do you think is his own way of surviving in such a changing time?

It is impossible for man to dominate the forces of nature but he can contribute to reducing the effects of climate change and stabilize the climate in the long term through the help of science and technology. To turn to new forms of energy that are developing rapidly in recent years and to follow the guidelines of science that is on the front line of the war to save our planet.


- What role does art play as an educational tool in the fight to save the environment?

The artist cannot live without nature as his primary goal is to highlight it through his own weapons which are none other than the brush, canvas and paints. In his own way he fights to keep her alive so that he can continue to be inspired by her beauties. I believe that through the artist, nature acquires a voice, expresses emotion and invites us to respond to its calls.


- The exhibition is co-organized with the Mariolopoulio-Kanaginio Foundation for Environmental Sciences. How did this collaboration come about and what is the role of the compared Foundation?

As the owner of the gallery and the artistic curator of this exhibition, I wanted to give an extra weight to the subject that was exhibited. Mariolopoulio-Kanaginio Foundation of Environmental Sciences, with the President of the General Secretary of the Academy of Athens, Professor Christos Zerefos, I believe was the appropriate choice according to the purposes of the foundation.

The aims of the Foundation are summarized as follows:

• The development of Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on enhancing studies related to human interaction with the environment and cultural heritage.

• The awarding of honors in recognition of the contribution of famous scientists dealing with the environmental sciences.

• The award of young scientists active in environmental sciences in a joint program with the World Meteorological Organization of the UN (WMO) (§ 7.2.6, 47 session WMO Executive Council, Geneva, 1996).

• The awarding of awards and distinctions which the Foundation presents and which pertain to the purposes of the Foundation both at home and abroad.


- This exhibition comes to embrace Art with Science in such a topical and serious issue, argues Mr. Christos Zerefos. Is this combination perhaps the solution to our victory against natural disaster?

The solution is not but it is one through highlighting the problem and awakening the public.


- Fifteen different artists participate in the exhibition. How easy is it for them to interact with each other and create a single narrative?

Each artist participating in the exhibition expresses himself in his own way and with his own sensibilities. Coming to the gallery space to see their works you will find a perpetual reconciliation even from the way they are placed in our exhibition space. The choice I made of the artists was made with very strict criteria for this exhibition so that all the works are within the theme to be able to pass the message we were seeking to the public.

- Do you consider nature to be an eminently artistic subject of inspiration from antiquity to today? Her beauty, her wildness, her peace. How do you imagine her future portrayals in such an ominous future scenario?

The nature of the artist is inexhaustible and he will always find ways to express himself and give his own touch in the future as well.


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