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Use Govedarou Art Gallery, the top destination for original art, to sell your art online

If you are an artist and would like to sell your art, we'd like you to consider joining us at Govedarou Art Gallery. We are specialists in finding customers for artists living and working not only in Greece but abroad as well.

It's free to sell your art

The first thing to understand about us is that there are no joining fees. This is not only fantastic news for your wallet, it also puts you at a great advantage over the art sites that charge you gallery fees. This is because the sites which charge fees are naturally focussed only on recruiting more artists, and not on actually selling art.

Here at we only make money when you sell your art! That's because we take a modest commission from every sale. Even this doesn't impact on your earnings because you are in full control of your prices for each artwork, and you can simply factor in the commission when setting the price.

Because of this business model, our entire operation is geared towards finding customers for your art. We can afford to be very choosy and pick only the best artists to represent.

One more reason why is a great place to sell your art

Because we are totally customer focussed, our customers can rate your art and provide feedback pre-sale. We also email every single customer post-sale to get feedback on their experience of buying art through Happy customers means regular customers and up to 50% of the art we sell is to repeat customers.

Apply for representation through

We welcome applications from new artists wishing to sell their art online. Please feel free to complete the application below.

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Sell Your Art Online

Sell art online with is a website gallery and offers you, the talented artist, a different way to sell your art online to the public, without any of the hassles of having your own web site. If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then we want you to join us and start selling art online.

  • Are you a talented artist who wants to get your work known in the world?
  • Do you have five or more original paintings, sculptures, or other artworks to sell?
  • Are you prepared to take great quality photographs of your art?
  • Will you be responsible, keep your gallery up to date and take your artworks offline when you are away and cannot fulfil orders?

If you answered all questions "yes", please read on, then apply to join us.

Key features and benefits at a glance

Feature Benefit
Free to join and start to sell art No risk to you, no upfront fees to pay for our membership, allowing you to sell up to five artworks at a time.
Gallery creation Complete your artist profile, complete the artwork descriptions, take great photographs of your artworks and send them to us. We will upload the paintings once they fulfil the standards as mentioned in the artist terms. If a painting is rejected another is expected from you to be sent.
Holiday management Take your entire gallery offline with one email and put it back when you return. We will do it for you after you emailed us to do so and we will put it back when you tell us you returned from your absence.
Robust sales alert system We alert you by email when an order is placed. So you should never miss an order. Make sure you keep us up to date with any contact changes.
End-to-end order tracking You can keep track of your order by the barcode of the courier you will choose to send your artwork with. This barcode will be given to us too so that we can keep track of the package as well. We need to be informed of any emerged obstacles if any.
Total customer management We take care of all customer-facing questions and issues, including invoicing, VAT, payment processing and accounting.
Fast payment turnaround We pay artists by bank transfer, paypal or vivapayments. When you make your first sale we will ask you to provide your bank details or other depending on the method used. Bank transfer is usually more efficient for native artists.
Free national press promotion We take out ads in various national and local press on your behalf.


We market and sell your art via this site,, a Greek website destination for customers wishing to buy art online. We will display, advertise and market your art online and offline, provide payment processing and credit card facilities, and work hard to bring customers to you.


At we focus on bringing customers to the website gallery. We charge a commission of 35% from the selling price you set for each artwork. This is much lower than high street gallery rates. 

In addition, we spend large amounts on marketing and press advertisements.

Your key responsibilities

We ask that you operate your gallery professionally as follows:

  • you will package your artwork carefully and dispatch it promptly when you receive an order
  • you will remove your profile from the site when you go on holiday and replace it when you get back. Contact us immediately and we will do it for you.
  • you will remove artworks immediately from the site when you sell them independently. Contact us immediately and we will do it for you.

For the full artist terms and conditions of service, please read the artist terms.

You set the price

You know how much your art sells for, so you decide the selling price of your art. We take a commission of 35% from your price. This commission covers our costs of advertising, marketing, customer services, credit card processing fees, invoicing and admin.

You must include packaging and delivery costs

You are responsible for the costs of materials, packaging, and delivery to anywhere in Greece or abroad. Therefore you must set your price to include this cost. As an established artist, you probably already know how much it costs to package and deliver your style of artworks. Contact your preferred courier to establish the cost. Check delivery prices carefully as you are wholly responsible for the cost of delivery.

We are attracting a growing number of customers from overseas so please consider the option to deliver abroad and include overseas delivery charges for each of your artworks.


To get the ball rolling, after you have agreed with our artist terms and conditions, email us and send us your CV and artwork (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). During this process you'll be asked to provide contact details and other information we need to assess whether your art will sell. We'll contact you to let you know if you have been accepted. Please don't be offended if we think your art will not sell online. The whole process from application to acceptance normally takes about 48/72 hours.


Customers pay online through our credit card processing facilities or bank transfer. When payment is received, we will notify you of the details of the purchase by email, text message and if necessary by phone. You must then package and dispatch the artwork to arrive with the customer within 5 working days (or more when abroad). Once we have confirmed that the artwork arrived safely, you will be paid approximately 28 days after that date (this is comprised of 7 days for delivery, 14 day money back guarantee, 7 days for return). You will be paid by bank transfer or by the other methods indicated.

14 day money back guarantee

To stimulate sales and foster trust with potential customers, we offer all customers a 14 day no-quibble money back guarantee, which you must adhere to. The guarantee allows customers to return artworks within 14 days if they are not fully satisfied. They can return the artwork for any reason within this period. They will have to pay the postage and insurance costs if they return an artwork. You are not eligible to recoup the cost of delivering the artwork to the customer.

For full details of the terms and conditions you will be bound by please see Artist Terms >>


Buy art

Welcome to Govedarou Art Gallery

If you have ever tried to buy art in the past you'll know it was a painstaking process. You would need to visit three or four high street art galleries, or maybe attend an auction. Finding the art you want was next to impossible because high street galleries have a very limited stock.

That's all in the past thanks to Govedarou Art Gallery. We work with Greek and International artists, all of whom are hand-picked by our experienced staff, and who are known to offer superb value for money in their respective price brackets. You can now finally buy art to suit your pocket.

Art for art's sake

When you buy art from Govedarou Art Gallery you can be sure you're in safe hands. We offer a 14-day no quibble money back guarantee. This means that in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for any reason within two weeks for a full refund. Of course in this case all delivery costs are covered by you.

See terms and conditions >>

Large artworks, small artworks ...

If you are a looking for particularly large art - no problem! Our art search engine will allow you to specify the exact dimensions you're looking for and we'll match you with art which really fits the bill.

Start your search

There's no time like the present to buy art, so why not start your search at art shop page. Good luck - and we're sure you'll find the art you're looking for.

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Art to buy

Which art to buy?

If you are a first-time art buyer, it can be difficult to know exactly what art to buy. Here are some things to consider when deciding.

Hanging art in the right space

First of all, you need to think about the space you want to hang your art in. The right artwork in the right space will add a plus factor to any room. Measure the space you're going to hang the artwork in and ensure you leave plenty of white space (blank wall space) around the artwork. Art needs to have room to breathe on a wall. Too small a space and it will look cramped. But, too large a space and it will look swamped, and insignificant.

Buy the right art for your room

Next consider the style of your room. Surprisingly, a traditionally decorated room doesn't always need a traditional artwork. Imaginative combinations can be achieved providing the art is sympathetic to the room.

Consider light levels. Will the art you buy be hanging in a dark space, or brightly lit area? Sunlight makes a difference too. A dark sombre artwork won't be shown off effectively by bright sunlight, whereas a bright floral will look a little sad stuck in a dark corner or on a gloomy landing.

Buy the right art for your budget

Finally consider your budget. At Govedarou Art Gallery delivery is included in the stated price on each artwork to buy. So there's no need to worry about that. Feel free to email us for any questions.

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