Olga Hatzichristou

Olga Hatzichristou was born in Thessaloniki where she has been living and working since then.

She studied Interior Design and Arts at Dimitrelis College and has been making Art since very young. She studied design, forms and color aesthetics next to to Vasilis Hatzichristos (interior designer/Artist) and painting with oils next to Eleni Mavrogianni (painter/Artist).

She has attended many seminars about color, materials, patterns and mixed media art. She mostly works with acrylics on burlap on large scale canvas or smaller mixed media art works.

She has named her work “Decorative Painting” in order to emphasize on how important color and shapes are in our everyday living space and eventually to our state of mind and mood.

She has participated in many Art Shows in Thessaloniki and other art galleries in Greece.


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